kfc social bucket

In 2014, We helped KFC became the most social QSR brand. To facilitate this transformation we captured authentic interactions with our brand and product. The following photos are excerpts from our photography lookbook.


The hero of nearly every post, our food and packaging will always look delicious and fresh. Authenticity is key here, our food should always appear fresh off someone’s plate and never feel staged.

 kfc food


Gestures, actions, body language, and facial expressions all combine to reveal the sensory experience that people have when they enjoy KFC. Capturing all these elements allows our fans to identify with other fans when projecting themselves into these vignettes.

 kfc people


The environment is the backdrop of our products and adds context to our sensory experiences. Whether it’s a splash of contrasting color or the bustle of a neighborhood KFC, environments should be selected and shot with care.